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*Dear Salon Trefle Customers

We are thrilled to report you that finally we are reopening! The BC government is lifting the closing order on May 19, 2020. Your safety and our employees’ safety are our priority and we would like to be well equipped and prepared for reopening. Thus, we have decided to reopen from June 1st, 2020. As for the salon operation, we are securing extra time per appointment and charging $5 for cleaning surcharge due to increase use of antiseptic solution. For the safety protocol, please refer to the salon safety protocol and guideline for further details. Please be mindful of safety protocol and guideline when making appointments. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Customer Guide

Customer Guide Due to new COVID-19 Safety Plan Salon Trefle have come up new safety plan for customer. Please have customer follow the orders below -We only accept customer by appointment only. -We dont take any customer who have been travel for the pass 2 weeks. -Inform us if you or any person you been contact with for the past 2 weeks that have or maybe have any COVID-19 symptoms before your appointment time. -We can cancel your appointment if you have any COVID-19 symptoms exsist. -Pleas arrive to salon on time or before your appointment. -Remain outside of salon until reception invite you to come in. -Keep 2 meter with other clients while you wait out side of salon. -Only the person who is getting services can enter salon. -Wear masks all time during the services in salon. -Receptionist will use thermomter to check your forehead temperture, if you are more than 37.5 then we will cancel your appointment. -Use the alcohol-based hand sanitizer we provide clean your hands thoroughly. -Follow the staff steps to the stylist station. -Let the staff know if you need to use washroom or step out of salon, other wise remain seated. -Keep your personal belonging with you all time while you have services. -We dont provide any beverage and megazine in salon. -Only accept credit card, debit card,wechat pay, or alipay.

Business Hour

7days a week 11:00am - 7:00pm


Unit105-6533 Buswell St Richmond BC V6Y 0J6

*Our store is on Cook Rd
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*If you need to make a cancellation please contact us 24hours in advance.

Online Booking


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*Online Booking feature is still "HAIR CUT" only.


We have visitors parking at rear & Pay parking on Buswell St/Cook Rd

Sister Store


Unit135-7771 Westminster Hwy Richmond BC V6X 1A4

Phone: 604-247-8881



204 East 6th Street New York, NY 10003

Phone: 212-254-8174


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8direstions design


Tanabe + Photography



Art director: Yenju,Angus.

Director: James,Ray,Ko,Yukari,Shizuka,Kei.

Master stylist: Eriko,Rieko,Joyce.

Senior stylist: N/A


CUT (incl shampoo & blow-dry)

Men's Women's
Art director 60 70
Director 55 60
Master stylist 50 55
Senior stylist 45 50


Shampoo & blow-dry 30 35 40
Hot tools 5 10 15
Up-do 60 70 80


Japanese perm 100 +
Japanese straight perm 200 +
Digital perm 200 +


Retouch 70 +
Colour 80 +
Bleach 90 +
Streaks 90 +


Japanese treatment 85 +
Scalp 45 +

*STYLING,COLOUR,PERM,TREATMENT is NOT incl shampoo & blow-dry.

*All prices are subject to change without prior notice.